With One-to-One live tuition, tutors can focus their attention fully on a pupil and their individual learning. This is a huge advantage compared to normal classes. It may seem that there is little or no classroom management required in a one-to-one session. However, there are still key decisions to be made about how the ‘classroom’ is set up, where the tutor and the pupil should sit and how physical resources should be managed.

In the safe space of a one-to-one lesson, a student can admit they don’t understand without embarrassment. One-to-one tuition can, therefore, create the perfect emotional and motivational context for learning.

​In a one-to-one setting, a tutor is able to focus on the individual learner’s needs. A teacher may not be able to do this in the traditional classroom. This creates a supportive environment in which there is a higher disclosure of misunderstanding.